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ES Immigration and Education Consultants are reliable professionals. We listen to our clients and work with them to address their issues by providing the best possible solution. 

We pride ourselves as providing Excellent, Efficient, Effective services to our all our clients. With our experienced staff working around the clock, you can be sure we will get the job done and get it done right.

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Why choose ES Immigration and Education Consultants: 

  • Plan the best and easiest route for you and your family to live, study, migrate to Australia; 
  • Use our Migration knowledge and professional skills to advise and prepare your applications; 
  • Keep you well-informed with the continually changing and evolving Immigration Policy and Regulations; 
  • Submit the necessary documents to expedite your visa applications and to improve the potential of success;
  • Make your life easier and a lot less stressful!


  • 为您和您的家人规划最好的和最简单的途径来移民澳大利亚;
  • 使用我们移民知识和专业技能来为您提供咨询和准备您的签证申请;
  • 让您最先得知最新的移民政策信息和法规变化及发展;
  • 帮您递交必要移民材料文件,提高成功机率,以确保您的签证可以及时下签;
  • 让您轻松地办理移民,减轻您的压力!

ES Immigration and Education Consultants provides -  "ES " Excellent, Efficient, Effective Services

Education services: 

  • Student Visa Application/Extension; 
  • Guidance in airport pickup/ accommodation for students; 
  • Institute Registration/Enrolment from High school, Undergraduate to Postgraduate;  
  • Change of courses; 
  • Student Counselling; 

Migration Services: 

  • General Skilled Migration(onshore and offshore)
  • Graduate Skilled Visa subclass 485
  • Student Visa Extension
  • Change subclass from 573 to 572
  • State sponsored visas
  • MRT appeals
  • Employer Nominated visas
  • Partner and Family Migration
  • Advice and Assistance with Professional Year Program
  • Business Migration
  • Tourist/Temporary Visa

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